The good health of students,and the identification and management of disorders are necessary conditions for the success of school learning, according to the Government’s Directorate of Health Action.

The medical inspection of school children carries out medical monitoring of all pupils in the Principality, by conducting regular examinations in order to detect disorders as early as possible, relating to development, learning or certain diseases that could have consequences on the health and future education of students.

The service supports each student, from kindergarten to high school, according to their specific needs, related in particular to their physical and/or mental health by providing diagnostic expertise as early as possible, the service says.

The medical inspection service performs: – screening for sensory (sight, hearing), somatic, possible abnormalities in the statics, physiological and/or behavioral disorders, as well as monitoring the development of growth and collecting vaccinations; – specific assessments in small section and large section of kindergarten to identify language disorders and learning; – monitoring the student’s state of health, in conjunction with the attending physician and/or specialist; – the identification of psychological disorders, and situations of ill-being; – promoting individual and collective health and participating in prevention and training; – monitoring pupils with disabilities;these missions are part of public health programs: prevention of obesity in connection with the WHO, prevention of risky behaviour, addictive behaviour (education and management of good screen practice in particular). School medical inspection service aims for healthy schools

Finally, statistical data is collected on the health status of the school population.

PHOTO: Personnel of the medical inspection service ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service