A report by two separate Government bodies, produced jointly, has just published figures for violence against women in the Principality.

A total of 113 women admitted to hospital in Monaco said they had been victims of violence, 83 percent of which were physical assaults. A third of the hospital cases involved woman living in Monaco, according to the report by IMSEE, Monaco’s official statistics office, and the Committee for the Rights of Women, set up by the Government.

Thirty-three cases of violence against women were reported to the police in Monaco, and all but two of those complaints involved alleged assaults in the Principality. Fifty-eight percent of complainants live in Monaco. In 60 percent of the police cases, physical violence was involved, with 25 percent relating to sexual violence and the rest concerning psychological violence or bullying. According to the police figures, one in two cases took place in the home of the victim or the assailant, 58 percent were committed by the partner or ex-partner of the victim and 74 percent gave rise to an official complaint.

Meanwhile, 33 court cases have been opened into allegations of violence against women, 27 of which concern events in 2019. Not all the cases result in convictions. So far, 10 cases involving violence against women in 2019 have resulted in acquittals.

Apparent differences in the figures from the various sources are explained by differences in terminology and methodology. The report adds that the incidence of violence against women may be underestimated by the published figures.

ILLUSTRATION: Council of Europe