The inter-professional strike on Thursday, December 5, will impact a large part of France (Transport, education, energy, waste, automobile, justice, police, refineries, teachers, students, police, lawyers, garbage collectors…)

This will make it tricky for many employees coming to work in the Principality. The Government recommends: Carpooling, an excellent alternative to public transport. Telecommuting: You can only telecommute if telecommuting is already planned and authorised in your company and you are eligible for telecommuting. With the agreement of your employer, you can move your telework day up to the number of days allowed by your contract. Taking a day off: You can ask your employer for a day off. On the other hand, he can not force you to go on leave.

The strike has been known about and planned for a long time. “It is up to you to anticipate and take appropriate measures. If, despite everything, you are stuck, it is recommended to inform your employer quickly and collect all the evidence to establish your situation, such as a highway ticket, photo, billboard, etc. It will be up to the employer to decide whether or not to pay you the salary corresponding to the time of absence.”

Under no circumstances is the employer required to reimburse a taxi, VTC or hotel bill. So make sure in advance that he agrees to any possible support.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service (the item has been paraphrased)