The first Grimaldi of Monaco Historic Sites label certificates were awarded on Tuesday, December 3, to four artisan-producers taking part in the 24th Monte Carlo Gastronomy Fair.

Albert Croesi, Managing Director of Monaco Inter Expo (MIE), and Thomas Fouilleron, Director of the Archives and the Library of the Prince’s Palace, developed the charter and terms and conditions for this labeling of local products, whose aim is to help the discovery and lasting value the traditions and know-how of the old fiefs of the Grimaldi family.

“This label, which will be affixed to the products, is a natural and logical extension of the meeting of the historic sites of the Grimaldi of Monaco, which MIE has been holding for two years. The meeting of the historic sites of the Grimaldi of Monaco is, intended to present to visitors the history of the ancient fiefs linking them to the Grimaldi dynasty and to promote these French and Italian territories, as well as their cultural heritage,” said Albert Croesi.

By granting merchants the image of the Principality and recognising their belonging to a set of places historically linked to the Grimaldis, this label creates a circle of friendship. “The network of Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco has a potential of about 150 communities. The first products that we have just labeled come from Valentinois and Matignon, territories with a fine gastronomic tradition and secular links with the Principality,” said Thomas Fouilleron.

Labeled products must comply with specific criteria: be a local agri-food or artisanal production in a territory of the “Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco. It can also be a local product, a local gastronomic specialty or an element of intangible culture.”

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service