Faced with a surge in accidents involving cyclists, the Government is considering various options to reduce the risks to users. Given the limitations of space, one proposal currently being considered is to reduce on-street parking to make way for cycling lanes on a number of roads, including ave. Princesse Grace.

Other suggestions include limiting the speed of electric-powered cycles, including the MonaBike fleet, and the compulsory wearing of helmets.

Interior Minister Patrick Cellario said that young riders, those between 20 and 30, and tourists, are among those who do not always respect the rules of the road. There have been many cases of the Police stopping cyclists, mainly to offer advice rather than issue tickets, but more robust application of the rules of the road can be expected in future, particularly concerning the running of red lights and cycling on pavements.

MonaBike operates a total of 290 cycles and 2,000 people have taken out a long-term subscription to the service. Three serious road accidents, two the fault of the cyclist, have been recorded in recent months.

PHOTO: Monaco Bus Company, operator of MonaBike