HSH Prince Albert has commented on the issue of construction noise and its impact on the quality of life in Monaco. Speaking ahead of Monaco’s National Day, celebrated on November 19, the Sovereign said:

“Quality of life can not be reduced to these nuisances alone. We always had a little nuisance in the Principality. When I was a child and played in the gardens of the Palace, there were the sounds of the construction of Fontvieille, for years. I have not become deaf and I do not have poor lung capacity.”

Asked about the quality of life in the Principality, which has become a much-debated topic in recent months, Prince Albert told local French daily Monaco Matin: “The quality of life in the Principality must be assessed on a set of criteria, taking into account the noise and dust nuisances of construction sites, certainly, but also safety, education, health, cultural offer, and access to sports activities.”

Monaco’s elected National Council has championed the cause of improving the quality of life, and has conducted public consultations on the issue. Prince Albert questioned the need for such a move: “This initiative did not seem to me absolutely necessary… I think we must beware of statements that are sometimes too simplistic and slogans for political communication. Let us work together to improve this situation,” the Prince said, adding that he has confidence that the Government and the developers will work together to find solutions.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Matin interview with HSH Prince Albert and local reports PHOTO: Liebherr cranes at work, but not in Monaco