Monaco’s elected body, the National Council, is poised to amend existing legislation to extend the waiting time for Monegasque nationality for new spouses, from 10 years to 20.

The impetus for the move, which appears to have unanimous support from legislators, is the too-rapid growth in the number of Monegasques, the measure’s proponents say. The number of citizens has tripled over the last 70 years, largely through marriage.

Monegasques enjoy considerable benefits, including subsidised housing and priority in certain employment.

“This 20-year period is not a coincidence, but corresponds to a generation, the time it takes for a person outside the Principality to fully integrate with a culture, an identity, a country, and when you think about it, it’s also the time it takes for a child to become an adult,” Council President Stephane Valeri said.

PHOTO: Stephane Valeri, President of the National Council