A 26 year-old bartender from Toulouse chose a very public place to drive in the wrong direction in the early hours of Friday, October 18, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reports.

He was spotted by the Prince’s Palace guards going the wrong way on Place du Palais, and reported to the Police. He failed to stop when ordered to do so at Place d’Armes and made his way to the Parking des Pecheurs, where he was arrested in his Qashquai crossover at 03:45.

The culprit told the court he had no memory of the events, although he did admit to drinking six whiskey cokes at La Rascasse. He has eight previous convictions for drunk driving, no insurance, and drug-related offences in his native France, the court heard. He was sent to jail for two months and fined a total of 145 euros.