Laurent Stéfanini, the new ambassador of France to Monaco, who took up his post on September 16, has said that President Macron will be visiting Monaco. However, in a long-ranging interview with local French-language daily Monaco Matin, he did not give a date for the visit.

The much-decorated diplomat in France is also an officer of the Order of Saint Charles and the Order of Grimaldi.

There is a strong precedent for a French presidential visit. HSH Prince Albert welcomed both Nicholas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande to Monaco within 12 months of them taking office. He said that the visit will take place within the next few months.

Asked if there are any major issues that would be on the agenda, the ambassador said that there are only smaller matters to discuss. He said that since 43,000 French citizens travel to Monaco every day to work, this is a matter of mutual importance.

Prince Albert has been a frequent visitor to Paris, most notably attending the memorial service in 2017 for those killed in the terror attack in Nice in July 2016.

PHOTO: Ambassador Stefani