Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Prince Albert’s daughter, has released her first single. She said the proceeds will be used to raise money for the people of Fiji through the Jazmin Fund, which she says will build art-focused community centres in Fiji.

Now a trained opera singer, Jazmin, 28, announced ‘Fearless’ on Instagram: ‘The acoustic version of #Fearless is dedicated and inspired by the people of Fiji and those affected by natural disasters due to #climatechange. #humanempowerment #femaleempowerment. We are stronger together!”

The single has been produced by her boyfriend, Ian Mellencamp, who is the nephew of rock musician John Mellencamp. Jazmin started her solo singing career with a showcase act called Fall in Love With Jaz, which she performed at the Duplex Theatre in Manhattan. Jazmin was at the Monte Carlo Masters in the company of HSH Prince Albert in April.