Beverley Holt and Kim Holms have started “Be Here Now’ Ladies lunches to help support women any way the group are able, be-it to settle into a new country, support a personal or business project or simply to make new friends. “We are blessed to have many exceptional ladies in our group. Each month we have inspirational speakers,” Beverley said.

Kathi Hargaden, Feng Shui expert, author and coach, will be in Monaco for the first time from the UK on Thursday, September 12. Kathi helps ladies world-wide to empower themselves. On this occasion she will give an interactive, fun talk, entitled “Design Your Own Feng Shui Vision Board with Numerology & The 5 Elements so you decide on Your Direction in Life & the Messages around You.”

“Using her knowledge of the 5 Elements, Chinese Numerology & the compass points, Cathi will help you to create this well-directed Feng Shui Vision Board. Designed to help you get a balance in your life, for you to focus on where you want to go next and creating your own flow to get to your destination. Please bring coloured pens, paper for this interactive session,” Beverley said.

Cathi Hargaden is an Internationally acclaimed expert in the ancient art of Feng Shui. She has more than 20 years of experience consulting and teaching workshops all around the world in areas of health & wellbeing, finance and relationships. Cathi’s work has helped clients increase revenue, reduce stress, improve health, resolve conflicts, build healthy relationships and more.

Where: The Columbus Hotel, 23 Avenue des Papalins, 98000 Monaco. Arrive at noon or before. Register with Kim at the bar area. Please make sure you bring €5 to give to Kim for the speaker’s fund which is included in the total price. 12.15: talk and Q&A in the bar area. 13.15: Lunch in the restaurant. After lunch: Networking, more questions, introductions and announcements. Cost: €35 includes 2-course lunch, a glass of wine, water, tea or coffee and speaker’s presentation. As we take up two sittings we recommend a €3 tip.

Contact Beverley: +33 6 47 74 04 03 or to book an appointment.