easyJet, British Airways main rival, has hiked air fares on and around the three days in September when BA pilots go on strike.

A two-hour flight from Nice to Gatwick on September 10, the day of the second strike, will cost more than a round trip from London to Melbourne, according to the UK’s Independent daily. The budget carrier is asking £713 for a one-way ticket at 21:55,* not including checked-in baggage. One week later the same trip is advertised at £112.

BA has cancelled hundreds of flights, affecting tens of thousands of passengers, in response to the three-day strike, on September 9, 10 and 27. BA claims to have more than 700 personnel available to handle queries from passengers booked on affected flights.

easyJet has recently changed its pricing policy to earn maximum revenue from late bookings, whereas BA tends to sell late seats at a substantial discount to help fill empty seats.

*price correct at 23:30 on August 27