The referee in the Ligue 1 game between Monaco and Nimes threatened to halt the match on Sunday due to offensive language from Nimes fans.

A message was made over the PA system at Stade Louis II warning them to stop the chants or the game could be stopped. The match continued with Monaco fans joining in with their Nimes counterparts.

The French league has been considering introducing a list of banned words, mainly to combat homophobia. However, fans at the Angers game against Metz – refereed by top female official Stephanie Frappart – added their own twist with a banner that read “Fuck the referee. Is it homophobic for a woman?”

Meanwhile, the Ligue 2 game between Nancy and Le Mans on August 16 was stopped for a few minutes — the first time in France. Nancy players pleaded with fans to stop and the game resumed. Later, Equalities Minister Marlene Schiappa tweeted her support for the game being halted.

PHOTO: Marlene Schiappa