Monaco resident Noel Edmonds has received an apology from Lloyds Bank over a loans scam perpetrated by staff at the Reading branch of HBOS, now part of Lloyds Bank.

A statement from the UK bank said: “Mr Edmonds and Lloyds Banking Group have reached an agreement in their dispute.” The UK’s Daily Mail speculated that the popular TV presenter received a payment of five million pounds from the bank, which had previously resisted his claims. In 2017 several members of Lloyd’s staff were sent to jail for a scam involving loans to troubled businesses, which took place from 2003 until 2007.

Mr Edmonds had earlier claimed more than 60 million pounds from the bank, which he said would “have to pay up.” An independent inquiry led by Dame Linda Dobbs is underway into Lloyds’ behaviour once the scam was uncovered and whether there had been any cover-up. The statement issued by Lloyds said: “both parties also agree to place their trust in the independent inquiry”.

PHOTO: Noel Edmonds