Swiss-born businessman Maurice A Amon has died in his sleep while staying in Saint Tropez, the local French press reported. The long-time Monaco resident and philanthropist was the grandson of another Maurice, the founder of SIPCA, a company that became a world leader in security inks.

The sixty-eight year old billionaire had been expected to attend Friday night’s Gala of the Monaco Red Cross, to which he was a major donor.

He rose to international prominence four years ago during divorce proceedings against Tracey Hejailan, his wife of eight years, who argued that the financial settlement should take place in the United States rather than as part of the divorce proceedings brought by Mr Amon in Monaco. He, in turn, argued that ‘home’ is where the shoes are kept and provided photographic evidence of his wife’s impressive show collection in their apartment on the Rock.

A funeral service is expected to take place in Monaco.