Local French daily Monaco Matin has reported that two Romanian nationals have been sent to prison for a range of misdeeds, including robbery, possession of drugs, and public outrage committed on July 18.

They told the Monaco Criminal Court that they were walking through Monaco on their way from Nice to Ventimiglia when they decided to take two bicycles to speed their journey. The 69 year-old, accompanied by his 42 year-old friend, stole the two bikes on Quai Antoine-Ier. However, their cycling adventures were short-lived and they were apprehended, in a drunken state, at Place d’Armes.

The prosecuting counsel had no problem in painting an unsympathetic picture of the two delinquents, but the defence lawyer found her task more difficult, arguing that her clients live a precarious life and the bicycles were returned to their owners. The court rules that they should serve three months behind bars.