Venice is not the only European destination to suffer from too many tourists. Bruges has hit the news in recent weeks over concerns about a surfeit of visitors, and the city has taken action by capping the number of daily cruises. Vienna promotes less well-known attractions, while Amsterdam is considering closing some venues entirely.

Monaco is no stranger to over-tourism, and promotions are aimed at well-heeled clients who can afford to stay in the limited number of the Principality’s hotels. Cruise ship visits continue to be controversial – cruise ship visitors are notorious low spenders – while tour bus entries and exits are tightly controlled.

Guy Antognelli, general manager of the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority, told news website CityLab that “The Monaco Government Tourist Authority does not develop the day-tripper sector that is (already) fed by (its) notoriety and events in the Principality.”

Mr Antognelli’s comments confirm that Monaco will continue to present itself as a varied and cultured destination, rather than as a ‘tick list’ attraction for short-stay tourists.

PHOTO: A Royal Caribbean cruise ship at sea