In a public session held at the National Council on Thursday, June 27, the Principality’s elected officials unanimously approved a bill to establish a new benefit dubbed ‘State Paid Medical Aid’. This legislation aims to provide medical coverage for Monegasques and residents who are not covered by any Monegasque or foreign health insurance and have been denied coverage by private insurers.

“More specifically, this mechanism provides, in return for the payment of a monthly contribution, basic medical coverage for the management, by the Social Protection Office, of medical expenses in the event of maternity and illness, other than occupational illness or accident at work, disability or death,” explained elected official Marie-Nöelle Gibelli.

“It is indeed our duty to ensure that every Monegasque or resident of the Principality can have access to primary care regardless of their age, condition or, above all, the seriousness of their illness. It is imperative that everyone can benefit from the same treatment opportunities, and above all, the same chances in the face of illness,” concluded Gibelli to the hemicycle of the council.

The bill garnered broad support among the elected officials, as it ensures minimum medical care for those without other means to cover their health costs, acting as a crucial safety net for the principality’s most vulnerable citizens.

The Prince’s Government advisor and Minister of Health, Christophe Robino agreed, adding that “it is the state’s responsibility to guarantee access to care.”