The Parish of Saint Elena in Monaco recently celebrated its patronal feast day, dedicated to St Elena, followed by a most splendid and informal lunch at Anoïa restaurant on blvd. des Moulins.

To mark this special annual occasion in the life of the Church, a parishioner made and presented a very beautiful icon representing Saint Elena.

Saint Elena’s Parish Priest, Evgeny Nikitin, presides over the Divine Liturgy  © Thierry Beauvilain Ouvrard

The Parish of Saint Elena worships on Saturdays at Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, 22, av de Grande-Bretagne; Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Editor’s note: The Parish of St Elena in Monaco is not affiliated with the Moscow patriarchy.

Featured image by Ian Brodie for NEWS.MC: Victoria Hagerty, Vice-President of St. Elena’s Parish, Militsa Marx, Iconographer with her masterpiece “Saint Empress Elena,’ Reverend Igor Vujisic, Serbian priest of the Orthodox Church of Monaco, Milena Cvijanovich, General Secretary of St. Elena’s Parish, AND Alexander Hagerty, President of St. Elena’s Parish