The founders of the first 100-percent women-owned book publishing house in Monaco, Carob Tree Publishing, were the special guests at June’s MonacoUSA mixer on Monday, June 10, at the new Marius restaurant on Quai Antoine.

Lacey Da Costa, film producer, and Nancy Heslin, veteran journalist and former editor-in-chief of Forbes Monaco, have set out on a mission to support women authors and women-focused projects that share empowering and inclusive stories connected to Monaco. 

Their first book, 100 Years of Women Driving Motorsport in Monaco, will see the light of day next January. Not only does the book chronicle the contributions women have made to the world of motorsport in the Principality over the last century, but also offers inspiration to young women who may consider their own career in a world that has been male-dominated since its inception.

PHOTO: Nancy Heslin, left, and Lacey Da Costa Ian Brodie

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