The disciplinary committee of the French Football Federation has heard AS Monaco’s midfielder Mohamed Camara after his refusal to support the action against homophobia, having hidden the badge on his shirt with adhesive tape. 

Camara’s defence was deemed to be not satisfactory, and so the player is suspended for the first four matches in the upcoming season, including the Trophée des Champions match against Paris Saint-Germain in Beijing. 

Monaco did not want to assist the player at this hearing, and has not yet clarified whether the player has also been suspended internally for violating the house rules. Asked about the LFP’s decision, Monaco director Thiago Scuro said “We respect the decision. We expected a sanction. As a club we didn’t agree with what he did. We are not going to appeal.”

The Malian international midfielder was appreciated in his native country for his refusal to support the actions against Homophobia, and was even supported by the political leaders of the West African country. It is not yet clear if the player will appeal the ruling.

During the furore, one French minister said that homophobia was not an opinion but a crime.