This year’s Monegasque Language Competition will return on Monday, May 13, with written tests awaiting many students.

The Principality’s second graders will be the first to take the written language tests, before middle and secondary school students attempt to take their tests over the following days, as part of the competition jointly organised by the Monaco Town Hall, the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports as well as the National Committee of Monegasque Traditions.

The second part of the competition will follow, bringing together the best students selected in the written tests, who are then expected to take an oral test, which will be assessed in the new Council Room of the Monaco Town Hall on the week of June 3.

In total this year, 1919 students will participate in the competition, an extra couple classrooms worth of students compared to the 1886 that took part last year. The prize giving ceremony for the Monegasque Language Competition will take place on Thursday, June 20 in the Court of Honour of the Monaco Town Hall at 19:30.