The Compagnie Autobus de Monaco has added four express bus lines to the six existing lines to give a new impetus to mobility via public transport in the Principality. For the past two weeks, residents and workers of the Principality have already seen the so-called X-buses, rolled out with the aim of connecting the far corners of the country more efficiently.

These four lines; X1, X2, X3 and X4 are also intended to promote the use of public transport in the city centre. For example, Jardin Exotique is connected to Place d’Armes via the X1, and to Monte-Carlo through the X2. The Salines parking bay in Jardin Exotique is connected to other parts of the country by bus, arriving every 20 minutes on weekdays, from level 0.

In the morning, between 06:00 and 07:00, five buses will depart from this point to serve commuters working in Monaco. During the day, an express bus, either the X1 or X2, and the number 2 run from Jardin Exotique every ten minutes.

There are also two express buses serving the X3 line between Larvotto and Fontvieille through the Louis II tunnel, which will make both districts more conveniently interlocked, without the necessity of taking a detour over the Casino and via Monte-Carlo. This express line runs every ten minutes. Meanwhile, the X4 line connects Fontvieille to the La Rousse district with much fewer stops.

Featured image by Jack Brodie for NEWS.MC