It won’t be long before the number of Monegasques will break the barrier of 10,000. According to IMSEE, the Monegasque statistical agency, there were 9790 Monegasques (out of a total of 39,000 inhabitants) in 2023. In the past year, 104 Monegasques were added, which is an increase of 1.1%. At this rate, the symbolic limit should be reached by 2025.

5319 women make up a majority at 54.3 percent, while 4417 men make up the remaining 45.7 percent. It is striking that the women are on average much older (47.6 years) than the men (41.9 years), for a total average of 45 years. 27 percent of Monegasques are over 65 years old, while only 19 percent are under 16.

In the past year, 104 Monegasques were born (50 boys and 54 girls), while 71 Monegasques passed (34 men and 37 women).

Incidentally, there was a spectacular number of marriages with at least one Monegasque last year, standing at 69 in 2023.