Unlike many royal residences around the globe that remain closed off to the general public, the Palace of Monaco has opened its doors for the full duration of the tourist season, from March 26 until October 13.

Tourists of all ages are welcome to come and discover the palace’s storied halls, adorned with priceless artistic treasures throughout, including recently restored frescoes dating back to the Italian Renaissance.

The frescoes were restored under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert in 2015, placing the palace under the spotlight of the art history world at the time.

The palace will open its doors from 10:00 until 17:00 most months, except in July and August, wherein visitors will be able to explore the ‘Grands Appartements’ until 18:00. Tours will not run during the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

For further information, contact viens@palais.mc.