During the Gala evening of the Prince’s Carabiniers Orchestra on March 7, the new music album, in double vinyl form. This project, from its genesis in 2022, has been supported by Mrs Françoise Gamerdinger, Director of Cultural Affairs and Mr Jean-Charles Curau, president of SOGEDA (Société pour la Gestion des Droits d’Auteur).

The album is aimed above all at the preservation of Monegasque musical heritage and is based around four faces: Disc 1 Side A: Monegasque military ceremonial Disc 1 Side B: Conservation of intangible heritage Disc 2 Side C: Homage to Prince Rainier III Disc 2 Side B: Extract from the 2024 musical repertoire.

Taking advantage of the commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Prince Rainier III, the project was enriched with contemporary works at that time and a poem written by the hand of Prince Rainier, discovered in the archives of the Prince’s Palace by the conductor, Major Drean. Named “Piccola citta”, this work was performed as a world premiere during the concert. For the protocol part and the “a capella” recording of the Monegasque national anthem, the orchestra had the support of Mrs Karyn Ardisson-Salopek, to guarantee good pronunciation.

PHOTO: Centre, Jean-Charles Curau. ©Cédric Bernard