Prince Albert II and his family are on the front page of this week’s Paris Match as Palace takes media initiative.

Talking to royal correspondent Stéphane Bern, the Prince addresses several current issues, but above all he showed himself to be proud and optimistic in these uncertain times, both for himself and the Principality.

Of course, the issue of the resignation of the Administrator of the Palace Assets Claude Palmero, which has been widely reported in the French and international media, was raised.

Prince Albert gives his views on the matter without mentioning the name of the main character, but for the careful listener it is clear; “These are difficult times. You know, it’s never easy to feel betrayed by people who, at the beginning, were trusted and you realise, when you scrutinise a little more closely, that the work was not well done and in a somewhat opaque way, with complicated editing… It leaves an unpleasant impression, reinforced by all this unnecessary media unpacking. When someone doesn’t accept to be offered to retire quietly, and this disappointed someone comes to threaten you in your office, it’s humanly unpleasant, and above all futile. Now we must go to the end of the process: justice will decide.”

The Sovereign admits that this issue has hurt him a lot. “My past experiences have allowed me to acquire a certain shell. I won’t go so far as to say that things are slipping away from me, because I’ve been affected, but we must move forward. This is not the first ordeal I have been through, and there will be others. But you know, that expression that says that trouble flies in a squadron is pretty accurate. An accumulation of small problems, here in the Palace, in the government or more personal, is added to this affair. And this multiplicity of difficulties certainly complicates things but, at the same time, it makes me stronger. You never stop learning. I already knew a little bit about the human character, but I’m always amazed at the behaviour and reactions of some. It is interesting but also disturbing to discover the hidden faces, especially when it comes to people we think we know well and who reveal themselves in a less attractive light. I had already been able to observe this phenomenon throughout my life, even if it was more with my parents. Since I took over the responsibilities of the Principality, I have noticed that being close to the Prince changes behaviour. You must know how to adapt, constantly stay on your toes, be more suspicious and keep your foresight.”

Prince Albert feels supported by his immediate surroundings and especially by the love he receives from the Monegasque community.

“Fortunately, my whole family is present around me and surrounds me with their affection, the immediate family but also the extended family of the Monegasques. We are all one family, united and supportive. It has helped me a lot in that period.”

He also pays attention to the developments in his country – he will start his 20th year as monarch in the coming month.

“Monaco continues to develop. We can boast of double-digit growth. This proves that the country has been able to diversify its economy in a rather remarkable way since my father’s reign. This transformation has accelerated in recent years with great opportunities to support new companies, thanks to MonacoTech, which is a start-up incubator. Monaco remains a safe haven due to its stability, security and economic opportunities.”