The 5th Superyacht Chef Competition is coming up at the Yacht Club de Monaco. Organised by the YCM in partnership with Bluewater, it takes place on April 4 under the aegis of YCM’s La Belle Classe Academy training centre.

This internationally renowned celebration of the art of fine cuisine at sea puts the spotlight on an essential aspect of yachting professions.

“Every year, this event brings together talented chefs from all over the world, ready to take up the challenge of creating unforgettable culinary experiences as a showcase of gastronomic excellence on superyachts, the Superyacht Chef Competition continues to make its mark on the yachting world while promoting the values of our collective ‘Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting’ approach”, says YCM General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri.

“On behalf of my son, I would like to express my gratitude to you all for supporting our association. Your assistance is invaluable,” said Chef Yannick Alléno. The 5th Superyacht Chef Competition promises again to surprise the eyes and taste buds, the end results being judged by a Jury of top professionals supervised by Joël Garault, President of Goûts et Saveurs.

Chef Glenn Viel succeeds Yannick Alléno to head up this international Jury. The three-Michelin star chef is passionate about local produce, combining his Breton roots with Provencal culinary traditions and stands out for his eco-responsible cuisine. Winner of the previous edition, Marco Tognon (M/Y Planet – 72m) is also coming to give his opinion on the quality of the dishes presented alongside Chef Danny Davies. Host of “Behind the Line with Chef Danny Davies” and author of two vegan books, Danny Davies has over 25 years of experience on private yachts. Finalist of Objectif Top Chef, Chef Victoria Vallenilla completes the Jury line-up with Chef Julien Roucheteau, a former student of the Ferrandi School in Paris, two time Michelin star, and Chef Fred Ramos, a disciple of the renowned chef Jacques Maximin who will judge the cuisine and way of working aspects.

This year again the nine superyacht chefs selected to take part have to comply with an anti-waste criterium under the watchful eye of Chef Duncan Biggs, requiring contestants to use every ingredient in the mystery basket, or risk a penalty from an external scoring grid. Three rounds to the grand finale of excellence.

Participating in this fifth edition are: Paulo Ucha Longhi (M/Y Hercules – 50m), Joelyanne Le Faucher (M/Y Artemis – 33m), Mateusz Mitka (M/Y Lady Britt – 63m), Margot Laurent (M/Y Leonardo III – 43m), Enzo Di Gabro (M/Y L.A.U.L. – 39m), Giacomo Seregni (M/Y Severin’s – 55m), Jérémie Gruson (M/Y Victoria del mar – 50m) and Ava Faulkner (M/Y Light Holic – 60m). The criteria behind the contest’s success have been retained where contestants only find out what’s in the basket of mystery ingredients five minutes before they get behind their stoves.

Thinking on their feet and being super-adaptable is key. During this time, the public can add a missing ingredient to the basket. They are then invited to vote for the best culinary presentation adding another interactive dimension to this prestigious competition. As they compete to show off their ingenuity and expertise, participating chefs always manage to keep spectators in suspense right through to the final showdown. In a nutshell, all the ingredients are there to ensure this competition lives up to its reputation as a major event.