Six months after the appointment of Marco Piccinini as Monaco’s Minister of Finance and Economy, Pierre-André Chiappori will take the post from Monday, March 18.

Mr Piccinini, who had served in the same post before it was taken over by his long-serving successor Jean Castellini, will continue to serve the Principality as ambassador in charge of international financial negotiations, according to a statement from the Palace on Wednesday, March 13.

Mr Chiappori ’s appointment comes within days of an expected verdict from the Moneyval committee of the Council of Europe that is expected to put Monaco back on the so-called Grey List of states that are perceived as lacking in their commitments to the fight against money-laundering. A Grey listing would make international financial transactions more complex and would be seen as detrimental to Monaco as a financial centre.

Mr Chiappori, a duel French-Monegasque citizen, has chaired the Scientific Council of the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies since 2011 and has also served as the head of the International Advisory Board of the International University of Monaco.

In the meantime, the Palace thanked Mr Piccinini, saying: “His expertise and skills in the fields of economics and finance will indeed be major assets in meeting the current challenges of the Principality.”

FILE PHOTO: Pierre-André Chiappori