Work has already started on the ambitious project to completely refurbish and extend the Schuylkill building on blvd. de Suisse.

The word ‘refurbish’ is inadequate as the 62 year-old structure will be almost completely rebuilt from the inside out, while remaining in use throughout the reconstruction. The architectural brief was awarded to the renowned Zaha Hadid of London.

Le Schuylkill is Monaco’s oldest high-rise, dating from 1962, and is anchored into the rock on the side of the Saint Devote ravine above Port Hercule. Needless to say, after more than 60 years the building is looking a little weary. In addition, the existing apartments are not suited to the modern market and the structure started life at a time when environmental considerations and potentials were rather limited.

The project has been widely-welcomed as it doesn’t require the destruction of Monaco’s few remaining villas. Additionally, the finished building will bring a significant number of the Principality’s apartments up to a modern standard.

The work calls for the demolition of floors 15, 16, and 17 and the creation of a transfer slab at high level on floor 14 to develop six new penthouses. Architectural portal points out that the key elements of the project, in addition to the additional floors, are: a new insulated building envelope with improved solar protection; refurbishment and extension of the existing balconies, replacement of all existing building services and connection to the municipal sea water loop; new amenity facilities for residents, including, gym, pool, spa rooms and Clubhouse; new resident’s entrance from the Ave da la Costa on basement level 5; reinforcement of the existing concrete structure to meet current seismic requirements; complete strip out, reconfiguration and refurbishment of the existing apartments; xcavation and extension of the existing car park and technical spaces, including the creation of a new car park ramp.


MAIN PHOTO: John Kellerman courtesy Alamy, montage by MIR. BEFORE PHOTO: John Kellerman, ARTIST’S IMPRESSION of new entrance lobby: Talcik Demovicova