Public and private construction stakeholders have taken part in a session of the Construction Innovation Commission dedicated to ‘sustainable construction.’ The meeting was led by Mme Céline Caron-Dagioni, Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Urban Planning,

On the basis of a barometer of “sustainable construction” summarising the responses (from stakeholders in construction) to a questionnaire on this theme established by the Public Works Department as part of a Partnership with the College of Engineers, stakeholders took part in discussions on the impact of construction projects on the environment by considering the issues of carbon neutrality, circular economy, comfort and climate resilience.

In continuation of previous meetings, the Minister welcomed the involvement of professionals and the importance of discussions on these issues, whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of the population and respond to environmental challenges without sacrificing the comfort that a modernised built environment should also provide.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service