Minister of State Pierre Dartout and Minister of Infrastructure Céline Caron-Dagioni welcomed Monaco journalists to a press briefing on Friday, February 9, at which they divulged the Government’s plans to ease congestion and enhance the quality of life in the Principality.

The administration has been under considerable pressure in recent months, particularly from the National Council, which has been impatient to know what the Government has in mind to address an issue that is uppermost in the minds of many residents.

In opening remarks, Pierre Dartout pointed out that the ‘mobility plan’ has been many months in the making. The comprehensive nature of the plan suggests that the blueprint revealed on Friday represents a basic rethink of almost every aspect of traffic management in Monaco.

It is also interesting to note that a number of possible measures remain off the table, notably the adoption of a low emission zone or ‘critair’ restrictions as in London and many French cities. A second is a return to free bus travel, which has been tested in Monaco on an experimental basis.

Some of the solutions will manifest themselves within a few weeks, including an express bus service from Fontvieille to Larvotto that will pass through the tunnel under the Fairmont and have only three stops, at Port Hercule and Portier.

Other projects will come into play during this year or very soon after, such as a large parking structure at the top of Jardin Exotique which will also be the terminus for the number 2 bus.

Still on the drawing board is the somewhat controversial underpass on French territory, also at the top of Jardin Exotique, intended to ease the flow of traffic into the Principality. Further still on the horizon is the development of a 3,000-space car park within the commune of Eze, on land presently used to store Grand Prix materials.

NEWS.MC will bring more detailed news about the mobility plan in the coming days.

MAIN PHOTO: Minister of State Pierre Dartout and Minister of Infrastructure Céline Caron-Dagioni Ian Brodie