Monaco’s Jet Ski sensation, Lisa Caussin-Battaglia, takes a bold course into uncharted waters with her entry into the E1 Series – a daring departure from the realm of powerboats to embrace the electrifying world of electric racing.

At the forefront of this audacious journey is Caussin-Battaglia, proudly donning the colours of Team Blue Rising, under the captaincy of the illustrious Virat Kohli, adding a dynamic and trailblazing spirit to this revolutionary championship.

The E1 Series, often likened to the ‘Formula 1 of the seas,’ introduces a cutting-edge dimension to marine sports with 100% electric boats designed to reach mind-boggling speeds exceeding 50 knots.

As the azure waters become the stage for this electrifying spectacle, Monaco’s commitment to sustainable racing takes centre stage, converging seamlessly with its reputation as a hub for testing and fostering advancements in marine technologies.

The inaugural season of the E1 Series is set to commence in Jeddah this February, marking the initiation of a new era in electric powerboat racing. Crafted by visionaries Alejandro Agag and Rudi Basso, this championship promises not only high-speed excitement but also underscores a commitment to environmental consciousness and technological innovation.

For Caussin-Battaglia, this transition embodies a fusion of her prowess in the world of jet skiing and the uncharted territory of electric powerboat racing. Her participation in the E1 Series amplifies Monaco’s presence in the realm of marine sports, offering a captivating narrative of innovation, sustainability, and high-octane competition.

The journey into this unexplored seascape not only signifies a personal challenge for Caussin-Battaglia but also solidifies Monaco’s standing as a pioneer in embracing the future of marine racing. As the engines roar to life in Jeddah, the inaugural race is not just a competition; it’s a testament to the marriage of Monaco’s racing legacy and the dawn of a thrilling new chapter in electric powerboat racing. Ricky Franklin

PHOTO: Monaco Sport Academy