A carbon footprint calculator for superyachts targeting the mitigatation of CO2 emissions, the Sea Index, is a tool created in 2020 by the Yacht Club de Monaco to accelerate the diffusion of more sustainability in this sector.

Basically, it evaluates the energy intensity of superyachts over 25 metres on a scale from 0 to 5 taking a CO2 snapshot of the vessel. As part of its ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ initiative, the YCM remains a key player in the yachting world being both a driving force and a role model.  

“We wanted to raise awareness on energy intensity. We’ve also devised a certification process and M/Y Kasper 7 is one of the yachts that’s gone through the process. They’ve been certified by an independent third-party maritime Class Society issuing the certificates on behalf of the Sea Index, that is very important for us and the certification shows the amount of grams of Co2 that’s emitted into the atmosphere by the vessel,” explains the head of the project Natalie Quevert. “The whole point for us is to raise awareness but more importantly to act. We’re a small cog within a bigger wheel which is part of the Principality’s national policy,” she adds.

Sea Index has conducted numerous superyacht valuations in conjunction with Lloyd’s Register, a meticulous process that is essential to ensure the accuracy of the ratings. The process is simple and is based on the submission of the boat’s documentation, which is then analysed using the Sea Index tool, which then provides a summary note of options highlighting the areas for improvement to reduce the impact (engines, generators and energy balance).

The Sea Index tool has been chosen by numerous owners willing to do their part to reduce environmental impact. The Quick Calculator gives any stakeholder a visualisation of where their yacht stands compared with the rest of the fleet. “It is a way to determine which yachts are less impactful, and more aware of the marine environment. It’s a great instrument because it allows you to show how your owners, your crew, your shipyard as well, care about the sea and the environment. We’re very proud about being accepted in this association and to have achieved 3 stars on the certification because this indicates that we’re heading in the right direction,” says Dario Savino M/Y Kasper 7 Captain, also a founding member of the YCM Captains Club.

Being a member of the Yacht Club de Monaco, the owner has chosen the YCM Marina as the yacht’s first port of call. During this visit, the yacht has been awarded a 3-star Sea Index certification.