The Monaco Tourism and Conventions Department, and its director Guy Antognelli, revealed remarkable results for the end-of-year holiday period. The hotel establishments posted an average occupancy of 50 percent at Christmas time, well above the usual average for the last month of the year. On the other hand, the period of New Year recorded a spectacular 90 percent occupancy, exceeding all expectations.

What are the nationalities of the main visitors? Nearly half of the customers who attended hotel establishments or restaurants are French or Italian, surpassing the figures of 2019 and 2022. “A significant increase in American attendance is also noted, in continuity with the trend observed at the start of 2023,” said Guy Antognelli.

The decoration of the city, at the Christmas Village and on the Place du Casino, played a crucial role, both in attracting local and regional customers who come for a day, while also attracting an international clientele.

The projections are optimistic for the rest of 2024.

“We hope for a massive return of Italian customers, a reconquest of British tourists despite economic challenges and Brexit, as well as customer consolidation for Americans.

A significant recovery in business tourism is also expected, aiming to regain pre-crisis levels,” said Guy Antognelli. However, the objective is not to attract more visitors, but to continue to offer exceptional experiences.

FILE PHOTO: Max Brodie