Monaco Telecom has been switching from copper to fibre network connections in recent months and has kept up a stream of publicity and targeted notifications to all users.

However, the deadline is fast approaching for subscribers to make the change. At the moment, about 350 residential subscribers have not made the change from copper to fibre. This requires a home visit and the average installation time is just two hours. In the case of complications, the longest it will take is five days, according to Monaco Telecom’s CEO.

Martin Peronnet told Monaco journalists on Wednesday, December 6, that residential subscribers should realise that from January 2024 the copper network will cease to function. Residents who have not yet made the change should urgently contact Monaco Telecom, he said.

In addition, mobile subscribers will no longer be able to use their telephones for calls unless they have already changed their SIM cards to an updated network. The easiest way to do this is to visit a Monaco Telecom boutique. There remain about 2,000 mobile subscribers who have not made the transition, or about five percent of the total number of mobile subscribers.

Subscribers can check, in English, by connecting to Just type in your mobile number when prompted.

Incidentally, Monaco Telecom has been one of the first companies in Monaco to recognise the importance of the English language in connecting with Monaco residents, many of whom do not speak French.

Special teams are calling clients to urge them to act quickly, Mr Peronnet said, adding that he had been calling people he knows personally to check on progress.

The end result of the changes at Monaco Telecom will mean much faster connections, Mr Peronnet said.

PHOTO: Martin Peronnet, second from right, with some of his top staff at Monaco Telecom