After one concerned mother took to social media to complain about ‘over-sexualised’ images of scantily-clad females at the Parc d’Attraction on Port Hercule, other parents have agreed with her that the pictures are degrading to women and could have a harmful influence on young minds.

A mother who appears to be the original poster on the Monaco Mums Facebook page said that the images should be painted over or otherwise the ride owners should be disinvited from future funfairs: “Did anyone else find the sexist/objectifying imagery (super sexual, complete with hard nipples even!) on children’s rides at the Fun Fair super messed up? Not good lessons about women for the kids going to the FunFair. I think these rides should be forced to repaint or not come back…”

Another poster wrote: “This imagery is hateful. It’s classic misogyny,” while another complained that the imagery “internalises misogyny.”

A nine year-old little girl asked her mother why the ladies were showing boobies and bottoms but the men depicted were not. ”It isn’t nice and it isn’t fair,” she added.

NEWS.MC has contacted the Monaco Town Hall on the matter and asked if there are any plans to deal with what is evidently such a hot issue.