Members of Club Suisse de Monaco experienced an unforgettable trip to Geneva in October 2023. The trip kicked off with a warm welcome at the charming villa of a Club member in Cologny, from where a breathtaking view over picturesque Lake Geneva could be enjoyed.

The following day, another highlight of the trip was on the agenda: a visit to CERN, the European Nuclear Research Centre. After an introduction by Dr Gianluigi Arduini, Deputy Head Beams Department at CERN, and a joint lunch in the exclusive Glassbox restaurant, the club members were given a fascinating insight into the world of particle physics and research.

The third day began with breakfast in a beautiful villa right on the shore of Lake Geneva, at the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue. During the morning, members were able to attend an inspiring lecture and engage in stimulating conversations about ways to prevent and end wars and armed conflicts and reduce the suffering associated with military conflicts through mediation and direct negotiations between the parties involved in the conflict.

The group then went to the United Nations, where they were given a guided tour and were able to learn more about the important work and mission of this international organisation.

This was followed by lunch with Gilles Realini, who works for Monaco at the Permanent Mission of the United Nations, where the discussion focused on the role of the UN and Monaco in the international context.

The trip to Geneva offered members of the Club Suisse de Monaco not only a unique opportunity to explore fascinating places, but also to gain significant insights into basic physics research as well as international relations and humanitarian affairs. It was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience that broadened horizons and forged new connections.

The Club Suisse de Monaco was founded in 1949 being one of the oldest associations in the Principality. Its aim is to maintain social and cultural relations between Swiss and Monegasque people, as well as other nationals living in or visiting Monaco. By organising informative events in the fields of economics, politics and health with high-level personalities, the Club wishes to promote exchanges providing a showcase of Swiss know-how and values.

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