Ninety percent of strokes are associated with known risk factors and according to the World Stroke Organisation, we are our own biggest enemies!

World Stroke Day is on Sunday, October 29, so the Monaco AVC association and stroke stakeholders around the world have been mobilising to drive awareness and action on stroke prevention.

A stroke causes damage to the brain from an interruption to its blood supply, and a stroke is a medical emergency.

Unfortunately, one out of four people will have a stroke in their lifetime. One of the World Stroke Organisation’s global objectives is to reduce the toll of handicap resulting from a stroke by providing new treatments, and access to stroke units.

The nearest Stroke Unit for Monaco is in Nice, the Hospital Pastor, or CHU Nice. If a stroke occurs, you have to react within four hours after the stroke occured to be able to intervene with procedures that provide best results.

The CHPG is not offering this procedure currently, but is helping on prevention, and is setting up a new entity which will be following up on TIAs, which are “mini-strokes”. 

“Your own probability for a stroke can be reduced by you personally. Stroke risks can be reduced by action on a handful of manageable risk factors including smoking, diet and extreme exercises, high blood pressure, and the identification and monitoring of atrial fibrillation, which is an irregular heartbeat, which can be treated in the Monaco hospitals,” the local Stroke Association says.

For further information, readers can contact the Monaco AVC association. More info:

FILE PHOTO: Princess Grace Hospital