Following on from a successful inaugural edition last year, the ELEVATE Space Conference returns to the Principality in 2023, giving guests a glimpse into the stars alongside astronauts and space industry professionals.

This stellar event will take place in the Grimaldi Forum from October 17 to October 19, kicking off with fascinating keynote speeches regarding the future of space exploration and its environmental impact, more specifically starting with ‘The Orbital Perspective’ with NASA astronaut Ron Garan.

Leaders in space technology will also descend on Monaco to exhibit cutting-edge technology that is simply out of this world. From Solar Foods’ groundbreaking new bioprocess of food production to the Hyperion XP-1 hypercar that harnesses NASA hydrogen technology to create 2,038 horsepower, while boasting a recharge time of only three to five minutes.

ELEVATE guests will also have a chance to get hands on through engaging interactive activities, such as an immersive trip to space in virtual reality, or taking part in the construction of a rocket that is capable of soaring 10km into the sky.

While the potential for discovery and networking with like-minded individuals is astronomical, the educational benefits of Elevate can be felt by all ages. As was the case last year, Monegasque students and all children under 18 can attend the event for free in the spirit of empowering future generations.

“For this second year of ELEVATE, our goal was to create a 3-day networking opportunity with leading technology and sustainability investors, astronauts and sustainability experts, Elevate founder Zsolt Szemerszky told NEWS.MC, adding “together, we can elevate our understanding of space’s role in sustainability and work towards a brighter and more sustainable future for all.”

“The Principality of Monaco is renowned for its robust commitment to the environment, perfectly aligning with the theme of a sustainable space conference. Therefore, we are honoured to have NEWS.MC, the leading digital media in Monaco as one of the key partners and supporters of the event by bringing the immersive weightlessness floating experience for the guests of the ELEVATE Conference.”

Tickets are available to reserve here, while readers can discover more about the 2023 Elevate Space Conference here.