Despite the fact that talks between Monaco and the European Union recently broke down over irreconcilable differences, after eight years of discussions, Monaco is not a complete outsider.

National Council President Brigitte Boccone-Pagès led a Monaco delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament, in Dublin on September 28 and 29.

The Council of Europe, it should be noted, is the parent body of Moneyval, the anti-corruption body that has been challenging the Principality, its financial institutions and also commercial entities, to conduct and enforce stricter checks on sources of cash and capital.

However, the Irish conference was centred on “Consequences of the war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine and the role of national parliaments in the reconstruction of Ukraine,” “The challenges of representative democracy in times of instability,” and, unsurprisingly, a conference favourite: “Equality and diversity in public representation.”

In more practical terms, Mme Boccone-Pagès also had the opportunity to discuss with another female leader, Yaël Braun-Pivet, President of the French National Assembly, the mobility issues encountered by commuters, which impact the quality of life in the Principality.

PHOTO: National Council