Monaco’s Rampoldi restaurant opens a satellite in New York on Tuesday, September 26, with the aim of serving the same type of food it offers in Monaco, where it has operated since 1946.

“We give the best of Italy, the best of French products and recipes, mixed together a little bit with elegance, nice service, a touch of Monaco,” chef Antonio Salvatore told the Robb Report.

The menu is deliberately extensive, with the aim that diners will keep coming back for something new to try.

Salvatore says he is going to see hoe New Yorkers react to his ’New Monegasque’ menu before branching out to other venues. He mentions London and Las Vegas.

Michelin-starred Salvatore adds that he doesn’t cook for the accolades, but for his guests.

“We need to start everything from zero to work for the guests,” he said. “You need every time to be humbled, to be simple, to be nice . . . It’s not possible to do something beautiful if you don’t have a nice heart,” he told Robb Report.

PHOTO: Antonio Salvatore