Among HSH Princess Charlene’s charitable work, her presidency of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) of Monaco, which she took over in September 2022, is one very close to her heart.

The SPA will soon open a new refuge in Peille, and in an interview with Monaco Matin the Princess spoke of Brigitte Bardot as an inspiration. “Brigitte Bardot’s passion is a model,” she said.

“A shelter is a place where there can be a certain sadness at finding abandoned animals, but it will also be a place of hope, where people can come and adopt an animal. While knowing that the major issue in this area is that of the abandonment of animals by families who no longer take care of them. This is, unfortunately, a recurring problem. Particularly in the summer, when many families still abandon their pets to go on vacation.”

Princess Charlene has a number of initiatives in mind. Apart from publicising the importance of caring for animals through school visits, the Princess suggested that residents of old people’s’ homes in Monaco might be able to reunited with their pets during the day but relieved of their care during nighttime.

“It’s a duty” to care for animals, just as we take care of a child, the Princess told the French-language daily.

FILE PHOTO: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene lay the foundation stone for the SPA shelter in Peille, on September 14, 2022. Prince’s Palace