It seems likely that at least some schoolchildren in the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes will very soon be wearing school uniform, following the example of the Principality, where uniforms are being introduced gradually.

Monaco’s Princess Charlene has long been an advocate of the practice of school students wearing uniform, as has long been the case in the UK and its former Dependencies. The advantages are said to be that uniforms are conducive to better discipline and reduce the differences in perceptions of wealth or poverty that may stem from children and their parents choosing clothing items.

Apart from a few initial grumbles about extra expenditures, school uniforms have been generally accepted in Monaco.

Éric Ciotti, the Nice MP and leader of Les Républicains party, told the BFMTV television station on Thursday that France’s Ministry of Education will not stand in the way of early experiments. He added that “this should be done in the coming weeks.”

In France, a requirement for school uniforms may help the authorities deal with some girls of Islamic heritage wearing the abaya, the long robe that is seen as a religious symbol and a breach of the rules separating the state and religion.

FILE PHOTO: © Stephane Mahe / Reuters