For the fourth year running, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has just launched its annual photographic competition that aims to reward photographers for their artistic vision that also promotes the cause of protecting the environment.

There are five categories, The Marvels of the Poles, The Marine World, At the Heart of the Forest, Humanity versus Nature, and Signs of Hope.

Each entrant, professional or amateur, has until November 5 to submit up to five photographs in each category.

The President of this year’s Jury is Alex Mustard, an English marine photographer.

Entrants should consult

FILE PHOTO: ‘Disaster.’ This photo was taken in a garbage dump where a few families are living (surviving) thanks to the collection of rubbish. At the time the picture was taken, a fire had broken out in the nearby forest, threatening to spread rapidly through the rubbish. This scene of catastrophe denounces the destruction of our environment by man (deforestation, accumulation of waste) and its disastrous effects on human lives. Tran Van Hong, 2021, Vietnam. Courtesy FPA2 Foundation