French weather service Météo-France has placed the surrounding Alpes-Maritimes on Orange Alert from 21:00 on Sunday, August 27, due to the threat of “very strong rain intensities” and “very strong gusts of wind.”

Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud have also been placed on the same alert level, but the intensity of storms along the coast in the Alpes-Maritimes is expected to be the most severe.

“Violent storms will circulate in the Mediterranean during the day on Sunday and approach the Provençal coasts.” There will also be periods of calm, but the stormy episodes are likely to be “very strong and may give very high rainfall intensities and very strong gusts of wind, greater than 100 kph for the Alpes-Maritimes department,” Météo-France warned shortly after midday on Sunday.

The Orange Alert is likely to be lifted on Monday evening. Calm is expected to return by Tuesday morning, when the daytime temperature is likely to be in the region of 21 degrees.

FILE PHOTO: Courtesy Stormgazer