GMK, the Monaco car enthusiast with more than four million followers on Instagram, has been the victim of attempted fraud as Internet users have been duped into believing outrageous promises of instant wealth using his image.

Under the unlikely logo of respected French daily Le Monde, the fraudulent announcement promises instant riches: “In a few minutes at most, you could become a millionaire,” the website says for the benefit of the very naive.

Among the words that GMK is supposed to have said in favour of the scheme: “I guarantee that after playing my game and winning you will immediately quit your job.”

“It’s not true, obviously,” GMK – Georges Maroun Kikano – told local newspaper Monaco Matin. Last year he told the French-language daily: “It’s hyper important that people have confidence in me. There are too many thefts on the Internet and it’s starting to become a flood.”

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab of HSH Prince Albert and GMK