The Prince’s Government, backed by public support for the measures taken last winter, has adopted two new ministerial decrees on public and private lighting and on the use of air conditioning, which will be in effect from Friday, July 21, until October 30, 2023.

Concerning lighting, facades, shop windows, storefronts and the illuminated signs of shops, premises and professional spaces, must now be switched off from midnight to 05:00 unless the premises are open or active during these hours.

This also concerns the interior lighting of premises, including that produced by any screen or light pattern. Buildings and public spaces are part of the effort with a lighting switch-off from 23:00 until 05:00.

The use of air conditioning in public premises is regulated and fixed at 25 degrees celsius with a toleration of one degree. Certain unspecified establishments will be exempted.

“Shops, premises and professional spaces as well as establishments not specifically targeted by this system, are invited to initiate plans to control their energy consumption, in accordance with the commitments made under the national pact for energy transition, and follow the recommendations for the good use of air conditioning by approaching the set temperature of 25 degrees… Specially adapted to summer schedules and needs, these measures pursue the objective of the reduction of visual pollution and electricity consumption, while respecting the framework of life,” the Government said.

FILE PHOTO: Fontvieille at night, from the Rock Max Brodie