Hundreds of European EasyJet flights to and from London Gatwick have been cancelled in recent days, some at very short notice, and in some cases when passengers had already boarded.

The airline claims that European air traffic control restrictions lie at the root of the problem, but other airlines appear not to have been so badly hit.

Locally, EasyJet has not been as badly affected as other airports across Europe, with one London-bound flight cancelled on Monday, July 10, the 17:40 flight from Nice to Gatwick. Two BA flights suffered the same fate, the 07:05 flight to Heathrow and 11:50 service to Gatwick.

EasyJet says it is still operating 95 percent of its flights, but at this busiest time of the year for air travel, that means that tens of thousands of passengers have suffered from flight cancellations.

The information published here was correct as of 16:00 on Monday, July 10.

FILE PHOTO: Jack Brodie