The organisers of this autumn’s B2B luxury packaging trade show are offering delegates the chance to come to Monaco in a specially chartered train.

Fabienne Germond, Director of the Luxe Pack shows, told that the move is in response to existing demand: “We have frequent talks with the luxury houses that make up the bulk of our visitors and we have noticed that train transportation is chosen more and more frequently, for both practical or ecological reasons. We were keen to actively support them in their CSR approach and this special train is a first step.”

The Luxe Pack train will leave Paris Gare de Lyon on Monday, October 2, in the morning for a direct journey of about six and a half hours directly to Monaco station, from where the delegates will be whisked to the Grimaldi Forum venue.

On board, travellers will enjoy an eco-responsible breakfast, lunch and entertainment and the one way ticket will be priced at just 60 euros. Furthermore, time and expense will be saved on travelling to and from the airport at each end of the journey.

“For sure, the journey is longer than by plane since there is no high-speed line all the way from Paris to Nice, but train provides the possibility to work on board or to talk to peers,” added Fabienne Germond.

This initiative is only a first step in the process of reducing the show’s carbon emissions, she said.

FILE PHOTO: A French TGV train Reuters